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MGT 467-667
Course Description
This course is designed for advanced management students. Labor Relations, Compensation Management, Employee Selection, Training and Development, Cultural Diversity, or International HRM may be covered..
MGT 480-680
Course Description
Investigation and identification of environment and internal functions of international organization. Emphasis on management challenges for international organizations; major focus on comparing international management approaches. (Diversity course.)
BADM 728
Course Description
Assessment of cost, benefits and risks of operating in specific countries. Emphasis on recognizing, respecting, and responding to cultural differences.
BADM 791
Course Description
The concept, literature and practice of utilizing mindfulness to effectively focus energy and attention to the role of leadership.
SOC 740
Course Description
Critical examination of selected major sociological and psychological theories in social psychology, including a review of selected developing areas of social psychology.
Dr. Stedham arranges and supervises internships for students focusing on international business. Among other options, students have the opportunity to participate in the Nevada Industry Excellence sponsored ExporTech program.
Independent Studies
Dr. Stedham supervises independent studies for undergraduate and graduate students. Students receive credits for developing and executing a research project in the areas of international business, mindfulness in business, business ethics, leadership, and cross-cultural determinants of trust.
International Business Student Club - IBSC
Dr. Stedham is the Faculty Advisor for the IBSC. If you are interested in speaking to this student group please contact Dr. Stedham.
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