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Mindful Leadership
Keeping moment to moment awareness in today's complex world filled with every manner of distraction is becoming a lost art. A mindful leader cultivates focus which maximizes creativity, clarity, compassion which then leads to performance. A mindful leader has non-judgemental attention in the present moment, and those around a mindful leader feel that presence and mirror it to others.
Mindful Leadership Training

Just as many of us understand the benefits of physical fitness, mindfulness is fitness for the mind. With dedication and practice you can transform your ability to be in the moment. Combining this with increasing your understanding of leadership, you can increase focus which leads to greater innovation, improved productivity, goal achievement, all within a compassionate environment.

Hatha Yoga

Lying Down Yoga

Choiceless Awareness Meditation

Mountain Meditation

Body Scan

Dr. Stedham offers an 8 week mindfulness program based on Jon-Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness Based Stress Reductions (MBSR) program.  She has recieved  MBSR Teacher Training at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts.  The program is offered through "Equilibrium-mbsr" and is often team taught Collen Camenisch and Dr. Bill Kuechler.

[Reno Gazette Journal Article]

We have also provided everything from on-site 1-day seminars to multi-day training sessions.

    National Judicial College
    Training courses for presiding judges - ongoing.
    Nevada Department of Transportation
    On-site training program for all employees - ongoing.
    Florida State, Court Administration, Leadership Training
    Management Skills for Supervisory Immigration Judges,Washington, D.C.
    New Orleans Judges
    On-Site and remote training for presiding judges.

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